Italian hemp basket wotnot

$40.00 - $45.00

Deliciously raw hemp twine has been crochet into a rustic basket. I've added a wild rainforest vine to give these one off statement pieces their earthy aesthetic. Great size for a shallow planter, would look amazing with a bowl of succulents inside, or use to hold your daily bits and bobs. Measuring approx 18-20cm diameter and 11 cm high. Oh and it's smells amazing, like a farm and fresh hay.
Image 1. This limited supply twine was purchased on the Amalfi coast at a little art supply store in a back lane of Minori, Italy
Image 2. European linen twine, more expensive than hemp, chunkier and sturdy.
Image 3 &4 Nepalese recycled sari silk with vine rim 18cm diameter x 10cm high.

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